Our objective is to create fun and unique virtual game worlds. We want to develop games that people across the planet can identify with and can play with their friends. Attention to detail is a hallmark of our development; from refining gameplay to the point of excellence, to instilling both the stories and the environments with enough depth and detail to set our products apart. With a strong engineering side, we utilize the best and most advanced technology in order to breathe life into our vision of gaming.


NUKKDOGG is an English-speaking studio and employs people from 5 different countries. This rich mix of individual skills, backgrounds, and perspectives creates an open-minded and collaborative atmosphere vital to the success of our productions. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and experience.


We have unlocked the following achievements:

Strong Gamedesign

A clear vision - paired with a strong, detailed gamedesign - is the foundation of all our products.

impressive art

Our art-team delivers artworks & designs for our products on AAA level.


1.2 million lines of handwritten code build the foundation of the tools we use.


We have over 10 years of experience in developing MMO games - some of us even more.